Bausch and Lomb CX7000 Phaco Micro Surgical Hand Piece 35916


Bausch and Lomb CX7000 Phaco Micro Surgical Hand Piece 35916

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Bausch and Lomb CX7000 Phaco Micro Surgical Hand Piece 35916 Bausch and Lomb Millennium CX7000 Phaco Handpiece  Life has been made easy and enjoyable for us because we have our gift of senses to interact freely with the world around us. Each sense is a miracle unique to each human and hence it is irreplaceable. If one of the senses do not work as they are supposed to, they cannot be replaced, the most a person can do is to train the other senses to deal with the absence of a sense rather than to replace it. Our eyes, the sense that helps us see the world are the same way, unique and irreplaceable. The importance of eyes as a gift from mother nature and their priceless value is something Bausch and Lomb realize with a lot of passion. With their roots traced back to 1853, as one of the oldest companies in the world, the legacy and the heritage is well maintained since day one. With highly extensive experience in the eyecare industry, and with a lot of innovative patents to their name since 1903, Bausch and Lomb are one of the pioneers of leading innovation in the eyecare medical industry. With a high degree of manufacturing precision, they have also been serving customers of war. Being the first ones to demonstrate its technological and innovative prowess for optical products, Bausch and Lomb provided the world with the first optical quality sunglasses which lead to the development of the pioneering and industry-leading sunglasses that were supplied for World War One to the US. This wasn’t the only noteworthy achievement in their vast legacy. Having designed the lens that took the first pictures of the moon, they innovated for the people and produced the first-ever soft contact lenses and continue to lead as the largest provider of eye care products to this day.  

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