Plasma Etch PE-100

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Plasma Etch PE-100 Surface Treatment and Etching System

The Plasma Etch PE-100 is a complete plasma treatment solution capable of reactive ion etching, plasma functionalization, and more. This model is perfect for manufacturers, medical facilities, universities, research facilities, or any other company in need of a cost-effective, production-grade plasma processing solution.

The convenient chamber size, along with the availability of high frequency RF power, combine to create a production capable unit small enough to fit nearly anywhere in your lab or production work space.

Full laptop control enables enhanced consistency and complexity of recipes. PC automation also provides ease of use on the production floor.

This model is available in one of three standard configurations:
1) Plasma Cleaning/Plasma Etching
2) Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)
3) Convertible Configuration – Includes both isotropic and anisotropic plasma processing in a single system. Removable tray configuration.

Vacuum Alarms

RF Alarm

Full I/O Monitoring

300 Watt Generator, 750VA Max (4A @ 208V)

600 W Matching Network w/ Controller (N female)

PE-1404  4 Point Analog controller


  • 1X  Air Fitting
  • 2X Gas Fitting

Vacuum Pump Not Included

Improve Bond Strength Integrity 

Plasma Cleaning


Plasma treatment is the process by which gas is ionized in a vacuum chamber to form plasma and alter the surface of a material. The plasma treatment improves bonding, printing, coatings and primers; this is also known as increased wettability.

The process is performed in a plasma chamber under vacuum pressure. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of electronic devices, medical devices, textiles, plastics, rubbers, and more. Nearly any dry material can be treated in a plasma chamber.

Organic surface contaminants are invisible to the casual observer, and difficult to remove, but they greatly impact an object’s ability to interact with other materials.

When we plasma treat a surface, we are able to remove these contaminants. This increases the bond strength of a solder or glue, increases or decreases wettability. Plasma surface enhancements ensure any type of printing, priming, or coating remains on the object’s surface.

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Dimensions 48 × 40 × 36 in