Dentsply Cavitron Plus GEN-136 Ultrasonic Scaling

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Dentsply Cavitron Plus GEN-136 Ultrasonic Scaling System with Tap-On Technology




The Cavitron® Plus Ultrasonic Scaler is a precision engineered and manufactured instrument. It contains controls and components for ultrasonic scaling. Thesystem produces 30,000 strokes per second at theultrasonic insert’s working tip that when combined with the cavitational effect of the coolant lavage creates asynergistic action that is designed to “power away” even the heaviest calculus deposits while maintaining operator and patient comfort.
The Cavitron Plus Ultrasonic Scaler is equipped with the Sustained Performance System™ (SPS Technology), which offers a constant balance between scaling efficiency and patient comfort by maintaining power when the insert tip encounters tenacious deposits, allowing the clinician to effectively scale even at a decreased/lower power setting. The Cavitron Plus System has extended the SPS technology by expanding the Blue Zone range, providing finer resolution to the power settings.
Advanced features that include a Tap-On™ Wireless Foot Pedal with Tap-On™ Technology, Turbo Mode, illuminated diagnostic display, rinse setting, automated purge function, Steri-Mate® detachable sterilizable handpiece,
and 330˚ swivel handpiece cable with more precise lavage water control. These features, combined with a low power range (Blue Zone™) and hands-free Boost Mode, are designed to deliver a positive ultrasonic scaling experience for your patients while providing your practice with the quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from Cavitron brand ultrasonic systems.

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